Optimus Prime Joins the Arizona Cardinals

by Junior D on June 13, 2013 · 0 comments

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Have the Arizona Cardinals signed Optimus Prime to a free agent contract? Nope, that’s just Cardinals defensive lineman, Darnell Dockett.

Dockett unveiled his new facemask at the Cardinals’ Fan Fest on Tuesday night. Since then there has been a lot of buzz online about the ‘new look.’ I used quotations because there have been other players that have decided to use facemasks like this one before.

New York Giants’ defensive end, Justin Tuck, started wearing a facemask similar to this one not too long ago. Apparently he started wearing it to prevent offensive linemen from grabbing his facemask and re-injuring his neck.

Dockett hasn’t said if there is a practical reason for the facemask or if he just thinks it looks cool. Players like Ricky Jackson who played linebacker for the New Orleans Saints have worn facemasks like this before but I think this new look might catch on. Players are now, more than ever, trying to look cool instead of making a practical equipment choice.

I don’t know how heavy the facemask is or how it will affect Dockett’s vision while he’s trying to pick up a fumble at his feet but it does look pretty bad ass. In fact, the company that has produced this monstrosity for Dockett is called Bad-Ass Masks. The link will take you to their Facebook photos page where you can check out other bad ass facemasks.

According to Bad-Ass Masks Facebook page, they make “Custom football, lacrosse, hockey, and catchers masks…” They also claim that their designs have few limitations. We’ll see if that’s true. If Dockett continues his success on the field there is no doubt that others in the NFL will follow suit and jump into the Bad-Ass Masks boat.

Until then, I’ll be cheering for the Autobots to win the Super Bowl!

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