No Condom Use Doesn’t Make You A Dad

by Bryan Z. on June 16, 2013 · 0 comments

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Father’s Day is a special day we set aside to honor the men who are raising the next generation of leaders in this country. Father’s Day is typically spent with family, friends, barbeques, and if you’re lucky, a little golf. Father’s Day also happens to fall in June, a month filled with high-octane sports action. It’s fitting too. Dad’s can take their pick of sports action to share in with their sons or daughters. The U.S. Open has been great. The NBA and NHL finals are living up to all the hype. Even the college baseball world series has been exciting to watch. The only thing missing is football, but I am sure the NFL is working on something to get their share of Father’s Day landing in what is quickly becoming the best sports month of the year.

Let’s also not forget that sports has its fair share of dead beat dads. Grown men with way too much money that haven’t been told “no” since they were in grade school. This leads to questionable decision making on and off the playing field. Some guys shouldn’t be professional athletes let alone fathers. They can’t be trusted with their own money, never mind providing for a child they brought into the world. Some guys shouldn’t receive a card or neck tie on Father’s Day. Chances are good that the gentlemen below wouldn’t even know who the card was from in the first place.

I give you the three worst dads in sports:

1)      Tiger Woods

Sure Tiger is the greatest golfer of all time, but as a father and husband, he is a miserable failure.  We all know the saga that is Tigers Woods. Unfortunately, so will his children. When they’re old enough to Google, I am sure they will enjoy reading about dear ‘ole dad, the porn stars, the Perkins’ waitress, more porn stars, and…you get the idea.

2)      Travis Henry

Where to start with this guy? How about 11 children by ten different women? How about not paying child support for so long that it led to his arrest? The man pays over $150K per year in child support.  At some point you think someone would have pulled him aside and gave him the birds and bees speech. Apparently no one did. Hopefully he can give it to his children, eleven times.

3)      George Foreman

This list could have had dozens of athletes on it. But it takes more than fathering a ton of kids by a ton of different women to land on this list. While Foreman did spread his lovin’ around (ten kids by five women), the truly horrendous act was naming them all after himself. All his boys are named George, and the girls are some awful variation of George. Well done grill master!

This is a list no one should be proud to be on. At least it gave us something to talk about, as gross as it might be.

Honorable mention to “The Duke” – Yankees closer from the movie ‘Major League.’ That guy threw at his own son during a father-son game!

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