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by Bryan Z. on July 10, 2013 · 0 comments

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There has been a lot going on in the world of sports. Sadly I do not have enough time to write a story about everything making headlines. And let’s be honest, most of what is making headlines isn’t worth discussing in the first place. But at last, that is what sports has regretfully become; a series of overreactions to stories that wouldn’t have mattered ten years ago. Whether its fans completely melting down over their quarterback wearing the ball cap of another team, or people throwing blame at a college coach for recruiting a player that may have commented first degree murder years after their relationship ended. I am going to add my two cents to these topics, because..well…I can!

Blame Meyer:

This is the dumbest headline to surface over the past few weeks. Some people, in the media and in general, are actually trying to blame Urban Meyer for the Aaron Hernandez situation. I guess because Urban recruited him while he was at Florida. This makes me want to scream until my lungs fall out. How someone, anyone, could look at what Hernandez has done and blame Urban Meyer is beyond me. Sure Hernandez liked to smoke the pot while he was at Florida; but how does that make Meyer guilty for Hernandez killing someone? This is just sour grapes. Some people just do not like Meyer and they look for any way possible to sling mud in his direction. No worries coach, those of us that do not have our heads up our asses do not blame you one bit for what that wannabe gangster did.

Craft Speaks:

If you’re looking to blame someone (other than actually placing the blame solely with Hernandez, where it belongs) I guess you could start with this guy. After all, Craft and the New England Patriots were the team that decided to draft Aaron Hernandez. Not only did they draft him; they gave him a lucrative contract extension on top of it. If it wasn’t for the Pats, Hernandez would be the best player in the CFL right now. And can we please stop showering Bob Craft with praise for speaking out against his attorneys counsel? He waited almost three weeks after Hernandez was arrested before he opened his mouth. Yes, yes, I know. He was in Europe on a long business trip when the Hernandez story broke. Guess what people? I have been to Europe. They have phones, social media, email, the internet and even fax machines. Craft was more than capable of speaking up before he returned home. He chose not to. So I choose not to give him credit for doing nothing for three weeks.

Houston Has A Problem:

The Houston Rockets think they “won” because prize free agent Dwight Howard has selected them as his next team. I am here to tell you that they won nothing; unless of course you count landing a cry baby big man in a league where the true big man is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Dwight and his injury prone self will do what he has done everywhere he’s been. He’ll piss and moan (because he thinks’ he is better than he is), he’ll divide the locker room and make an ass of himself in the media. Unlike the LeBron’s move to South Beach (a move that had championships written all over it) this move will result in not one, not two, NOT ANY championships for Dwight and Houston. Congrats Houston, you’re now dumber for signing this jackass!

Dolphins Kaep:

Please ignore the above; this is the dumbest sports headline of the past few weeks. In case you missed it, Colin Kaepernick was enjoying his off season by spending some time at the beach. Sadly for him he had the nerve to wear a Miami Dolphins hat while he was doing so. This was enough to make 49er fans and sport media types wet themselves. Apparently no one has anything better to do. This is the biggest over reaction to a baseball cap since LeBron James showed up at Jacobs Field sporting a Yankees cap. If you’re upset about either you’re a loser. Kaepernick is a grown man, even if he speaks and types like a high school dropout. As long as his employer doesn’t have any issues with him sporting another teams gear, why should any of us? Move on people!

That’s all folks. This will likely be a weekly feature here on Junior D Sports. Hopefully next time we have something better to talk about.

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