NCAA Playoff System Needs Work

by Junior D on June 30, 2012 · 2 comments

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University presidents laughing at how much money they will make with the new playoff system

So the NCAA has finally decided on a playoff. That’s great. Here’s the problem…the NCAA still wants to have control of who gets in and who is left behind. I’m excited to see a playoff but this system will need tweaking.

Too many people are on one side or the other. I am in the middle, just waiting to see what this new system will bring. With the playoff system that the NCAA has agreed upon it still gives the rankings too much power. Whenever there is a ranking system there is a chance for human error and bias. Ranking and judging leaves too many questions. Especially with a selection committee that will have ultimate control on who the lucky four teams are.

There will always be the team that is sitting at #5 that has the same record as the 4th ranked team in the country and everyone will be screaming that it’s not fair. Even worse, if the 5th ranked team gets in over the 4th ranked team people will lose their minds.

The only true way to determine a playoff is to gather all of the teams in NCAA Division 1-A football, chop them up into eight conferences and have each conference champion make it to the playoffs. You would have eight conferences with 15 teams in each conference. No conference championship game…whoever has the best record in each conference makes it to the playoffs. Much like the NFL there would be tie breakers if two or more teams have the same overall record at the end of the regular season. If you do it that way there are no rankings and there is no way for errors in judgment. Each team would make the playoffs based on their record and that’s it.

Currently there are 12 conferences in Division 1-A NCAA College Football. It would be easy to trim that down to eight. Conference USA and the FBS Independents would have to go away first. The Mountain West Conference and the WAC would be the other two. Have each of the schools in those four conferences join the closest geographic conference and there you have it.

Those universities that did not come along would be left in the dust. That way, if Notre Dame wants to still remain as an independent they can join division 1-AA or shut their football program down. I am sick of their elitist bullshit. You’re not good anymore so cut the shit and join a conference. So many schools have surpassed Notre Dame in academics and athletics that they are not special anymore. The NCAA needs to stop bowing down to them like the Pope teaches there. It’s not the Vatican, it’s a very expensive, elitist school that has the balls to shit on the NCAA Conferences  by not joining and yet the NCAA acts like they need Notre Dame to be viable. Piss on those Golden Domers.

There is my answer to the NCAA dipping their toe into the playoff pool. I could be wrong on my suggestion but, like everyone else, I gave it a shot. This new playoff that the NCAA has concocted isn’t the answer but it is a step in the right direction. I don’t give the NCAA any credit for this though. It’s been a long time coming. People have been screaming for a playoff for as long as I can remember.

Let’s not get it twisted though, the NCAA figured out how to make a crap load of money with a playoff system. They didn’t do this because of pressure from the fans or the media. They could give two shits about the fans or the media. They want money and lots of it. The four team playoff is not their ultimate plan. This new playoff system will keep them in the news for a few years as people debate whether they should expand. When they run that well dry they will expand the playoff to six or eight teams. They are doing the same thing as when they instituted the BCS. My only hope is that they take my advice and chop up the NCAA into eight conferences. If they continue to have a selection committee the playoff system will never be right.

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Sean Breslin June 30, 2012 at 9:49 am

You’re exactly right…even if the playoff cures some problems, there will always be one team that complains.

juniordsports June 30, 2012 at 9:55 am

There will always be complaints but no one will listen if the 9th best team complains…lol

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