National Media Buckeye Beat Down

by Bryan Z. on November 20, 2013 · 0 comments

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There is a very clear agenda going on with the college football voters right now. It’s clear that they will do whatever they can to keep one team in particular from playing for a national title. This team has been disrespected all season long. Their schedule has been mocked, they haven’t won in a “pretty” enough fashion for most voters and they’ve been jumped in the polls by teams that now have one or two losses. The team I am referring to is Ohio State.

Now, before I continue, allow me to say the following; if Florida State and Alabama are both unbeaten at the end of the year Ohio State does not deserve to play for the national title. Period; the end.

My gripe with the voters and Buckeye haters is that they are trying to take the third spot away from Ohio State, which is a complete joke. Ohio State may not be perfect, but they have done more than enough to earn that third spot. Namely, they didn’t lose to Utah, or to a team that lost to Utah. They didn’t get destroyed and give up 52 points at home, on national TV. They didn’t lose to West Virginia or a three loss LSU team. They did none of those things, yet the teams that did are all perceived as better than Ohio State.

Last week it was Stanford. After Stanford beat an over overrated and undersized Oregon team the national media began to hype the Cardinal as the best one loss team in the country. There was even talk that if Stanford and Ohio State both ran the table that Stanford would jump the Buckeyes even though they had one loss. Stanford’s one loss came at the hands of Utah, a team that has won just one game in the PAC12 all season. If it wasn’t for USC pimp slapping Stanford and their one dimensional offense we would still be listening to that garbage. I never thought I would say this, but God bless USC.

This week it’s Baylor that is, all of the sudden, the team that is so much better than Ohio State. This makes me sick to my stomach. The only thing worse than Ohio State’s schedule is Baylor’s schedule. Baylor’s out of conference schedule is criminal. They played something called Wofford, along with Buffalo and UL Monroe. Now to be fair, the Buckeyes played Buffalo as well, so let’s take that one out of the equation. If you factor in Ohio States remaining out of conference foes you have California and San Diego State. Now, Cal is just awful. They’re 1-10 on the year but at least they play in a real conference. I have no idea what conference Wofford or UL Monroe play in. San Diego State is actually 6-4 on the year and 5-1 in the Mountain West. Three of their four losses came to Ohio State, Oregon State and Fresno State. Most teams in the country would struggle with that schedule.

If you haven’t been paying attention over that past two weeks Baylor is the new Oregon. They are now the bright shiny thing that has the media dropping their panties on the first date. Why? Because they score a lot of points, but just like Oregon, they do it against subpar competition. Never mind the fact that they gave up 42 points to an awful West Virginia team. Or the fact that they almost lost to an average Kansas State team or the fact that they just gave up 34 points to a Texas Tech team that hasn’t won a game in five weeks. While we’re at it, please show me Baylor’s signature win this season. Is it Oklahoma? Please, the Sooners are as clueless as Texas or Florida right now. Ohio State’s signature win (Wisconsin) would defile Oklahoma in ways that bring the sound of the banjo to mind.

So let’s talk future opponents. The remaining games for Baylor and Ohio State are just as miserable as the games that came before them. They each have one marquee game left. Baylor plays Oklahoma State and the Buckeyes play Michigan State in the Big Ten 10 title game (assuming of course both teams make it to that game, which they will.) So that too is a moot point.

It’s very clear that you have two teams that are almost identical in every way. They each have a great offense with an average to below average defense. They each are the beneficiary of an awful schedule and weak conference. And each needs a lot of help from the teams in front of them to make it to the national title game. It’s my well thought out and researched opinion that if, and only if, Florida State or Alabama lose that it’s Ohio State that should slide on the glass slipper and stay out past midnight. Baylor will have to wait until next time. Of course the problem with these “Johnny comes lately“ teams such as Baylor is that the “next time” could be a few decades away.

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