Miami Heat Party With an Unexpected Guest

by Bryan Z. on June 22, 2013 · 0 comments

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King James and the Heat hit South Beach hard after their second title in two years on Friday night. James and his fellow teammates ascended upon Miami club, Story, after they finished off the Spurs in Game seven. Miami is a great party town. It’s a major reason why people flock to South Beach to live, work and play. James and the heat were just doing what every other team that won a championship before had done. They were celebrating. My question is; what the hell was Danny Green doing?

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That’s right sports fan, just in case you do not keep up with the night life in Miami allow me to educate you. Danny Green showed up at the club that James and the rest of his teammates were in to help take part in their celebration. Yes, a player from the losing team showed up in a public celebration of the team that just ripped his title away from him. It doesn’t get any sadder than that!

I feel as though I must point out that Green and James were teammates together in Cleveland. I am sure they have remained friends over the past three years. I’m sure that Green wishes James would have brought him along to Miami, but he didn’t. I am also quite certain that the good people of San Antonio will take issue with Green and his partying ways. Green probably won’t care, but his teammates should. This is when Tim Duncan needs to walk his lethargic ass over to Green and slap him silly.

Green is hardly the first athlete to party after losing a championship game. We all remember Rob Gronkowski and his new years rockin’ eve celebration after the Patriots lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl. At least Gronk had the good sense not party with the team that just beat him on his sport’s biggest stage. Based on news reports from the past few days, who would have thought that Gronk would be the level headed New England Patriots tight end?

Sadly this is just further evidence that athletes do not care as much as we do. Every player for the Spurs still gets a pay check. They still drive nice cars, live in big houses and date desperate house wives. The sun still rises and sets in south Texas; at least for the players. I am positive the fans didn’t do any partying last night. The people that pay for those houses, cars and desperate house wives were home. They were too upset to go out, at least for one night. Too bad Green doesn’t care as much as they do!

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