Mark Cuban Verbally Bitch Slaps Skip Bayless

by Junior D on June 24, 2012 · 0 comments

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There is no one more pompous and arrogant in the sports media than Skip Bayless. There is no owner that is more willing to take people to task and look at things from every angle than Mark Cuban. When these two met on the set of ESPN’s First Take on Friday, Mark Cuban took Skip Bayless and the rest of the sports media to task…Thank you, Mark!

I have included the clips from YouTube, while they are still available. ESPN, like many other networks typically pull content from YouTube, so enjoy it while it is available.

Cuban stated that the sports media loves to speak in generalities, saying that this team wanted it more than the other or that players, like LeBron James, shrink in the fourth quarter of games. Cuban was making the point that no one in any sport wants it more than anyone else. It all comes down to adjustments and execution.
Bayless said that when the Heat lost to the Mavericks last year LeBron shrunk in that series and Dallas could have¬†played any defense against him because Lebron wasn’t going to do anything. Basically, Bayless said that LeBron wasn’t trying and he wasn’t going to try even if the Mavericks gave him open space. What a crock of shit.

Cuban blasted Bayless by asking him simple questions like “why do you play a zone defense?” Bayless had no answer because he is a reporter and knows nothing about sports, especially basketball. Cuban also made a great point when he told Skip, “that’s a complete insult to us [the Dallas Mavericks] when you say the adjustments that we made…” Cuban was then cut off when asked about the adjustments the Mavericks made during the NBA Finals last year against LeBron.

After Bayless came out with more generalities like, “LeBron let you guys off the hook,” Cuban came back with, “what were the different defensive schemes that Oklahoma City ran last night?” Skip then began to list who OKC used to guard LeBron in the post but never once said what schemes they used to defend LeBron and the Heat. Cuban then let Skip ‘off the hook’ by explaining the defensive schemes that OKC used and why it didn’t work. He also asked Bayless why a team plays a zone defense to which Bayless responded, “I’ve seen him slash up any kind of defense.” Once again, Skip Bayless had no answer because he doesn’t know the first thing about basketball.

Skip Bayless is like any other fan. He reports what he sees and that’s it. What he sees and what the average fan sees is what the TV shows us. he watches the highlights and reports on the full game. He’s like a high school kid that reads the Cliff Notes of a book and then writes his book report.

Cuban took Bayless to task and Bayless proved that he could not anser any in-depth basketball questions. He proved Cuban’s point over and over that the sports media likes to speak in generalities and without substance.
There are many people who don’t like Mark Cuban. He doesn’t dress like an owner, he doesn’t speak like an owner and he most definitely doesn’t act like the typical owner. He is a Five-Tool fan that happens to be rich enough to buy a professional franchise…isn’t that what we’d all like to do? I, for one, love Mark Cuban. He is a forward thinker that has refreshed and reinvigorated the Dallas Mavericks franchise since purchasing the team. It’s a shame that other professional leagues (namely MLB) haven’t allowed him to purchase a team in their league.

Skip Bayless is an old curmudgeon, blow hard that loves the sound of his own voice. Much like every other sports reporter, he appeals to the viewing audience by giving them great sound bites that don’t have any substance. Sports is not black and white. There are nuances in every game and if you don’t notice that you’re a narrow-minded boob.

Bayless, along with every other sports reporter, needs to learn when to speak and when not to speak. I’ve said it before but if you don’t know what you’re talking about it’s okay to say, “I don’t know enough to speak intelligently on this topic.” In the sports media today that is not an option. You run your pie hole until the commercial break.

The reason I loved watching Cuban take Skip Bayless through the verbal spank machine is because no one calls these guys out. When they do it doesn’t have substance. I equate the sports media to baseball umpires. Yes, you are part of the game but you aren’t the game. They give themselves entirely too much credit and they make themselves part of the story. The sport and the athletes are the story, you are just the vessel that we use to get the story.

Skip Bayless and the rest of the sports media need to take a long hard look at what they do and how they do it. If you are supposed to be a ‘specialist’ on a given sport then learn everything there is to know about that sport. Don’t half ass it and give me coverage with no substance. Bayless needs to go to his cave, lick his wounds and then come back to fight another day because Mark Cuban verbally bitch slapped him on national television.

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