Marcus Smart Pushes Texas Tech’s “Number One” Fan

by Junior D on February 9, 2014 · 0 comments

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Since the football season has ended I have been filling my time with other sports. The NBA and college hoops are the two main sports I’ve turned to. One of the games I tuned in for was Oklahoma State v Texas Tech. It was a tight game through the end but something happened with about six seconds on the clock that had social media melting down.

On a fast break by Texas Tech, Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart while trying to get back on defense to contest the shot, fell into the crowd. As he was trying to get up and go back to the court when he quickly spun around and confronted the fan. Something was said to him (at him) that got him to turn around and push one of Texas Tech’s fans. Jeff Orr who is known as Texas Tech’s #1 fan said something to Smart that got him to react in such a way that he received a technical foul and was sent to the bench.

The announcers blasted Smart for going into the stands to confront Orr. They stated that it was “disgusting behavior” by Smart and that he should have been sent to the locker room, not just given a technical.

My first reaction was almost the same. Then I thought about what the fan could have said that made Smart react the way he did. The announcers said, “I don’t care what he said, you have to walk away….”

After the technical was called, Smart pleaded his case with his coach and the official. Since this whole thing occurred there has been much speculation about what Orr said. Some say he dropped the N-bomb while another report said that Orr yelled “go back to Africa.” Either way, it makes perfect sense why Smart would have confronted Orr.

As the announcers said after the incident, Smart has had a couple of instances this season where he’s lost his composure. That’s where much of the scrutiny has come from. If Smart didn’t have that hanging over his head would this situation have been viewed any differently? Well, some would see it that way.

While reading many comments on social media, there have been a ton of people that still hold to the fact that Smart shouldn’t have confronted Orr. I am not one of those people. I don’t condone players jumping into the stands to fight fans but I also don’t think its okay for fans to have the right to say whatever they want to players just because they bought a ticket. Just because you bought a ticket to the game doesn’t give you the right to spew racist remarks towards anyone. By a ticket to the next KKK rally if you want to shout that kind of shit.

Here’s a text that was posted on Twitter between Orr and a friend by Doug Gottlieb after the incident.

Orr apparently texted back that he didn’t drop the N-bomb or swear at Smart but he felt bad about what he said.

Either way, you can have your own opinion but I’ll give you mine too. Marcus Smart will most likely get some sort of suspension from the Big 12 or Oklahoma State but my biggest concern is what will Texas Tech do about Jeff Orr? Older gentleman or not, Orr is lucky he ran into Smart, if that was me I would have received the technical foul and about 3-5 years for beating the crap out of that guy.

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