Kobe Bryant Taking His Mom to Court

by Junior D on May 5, 2013 · 0 comments

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I’ve heard stories of my friend’s parents throwing away their football cards that they collected as children or selling their stuff at garage sales. What I haven’t heard, until now, is a superstar basketball player’s parents selling his memorabilia at an auction house.

Pamela Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s mother, has decided to take his old high school jerseys, all-star and championship rings and sell them at Goldin Auctions in Berlin, N.J.  Kobe decided to take this battle to court because he wants the items back from the auction house. He doesn’t want any of the items auctioned off.

I have gone back and forth on liking and not liking Kobe Bryant over the years but I am on Kobe’s side on this one. The problem I have with this isn’t entirely with Pamela Bryant. The biggest issue I have is with all parents of athletes. Just because you gave birth and raised a child doesn’t give you the right to anything that child accomplishes as an adult. I don’t know what the relationship that Kobe has with his mother but I’m sure if she needed the money Kobe would give it to her.

These items belong to Kobe. If he wanted to sell these items then I would be okay with it. Unfortunately, the woman who gave birth to him wants to sell his stuff. She has never won a championship, she’s never hit a jump shot with two NBA players in her face and she certainly isn’t entitled to anything if Kobe doesn’t want to give it to her.

The other problem is the auction house. Just because Pamela Bryant said that these items belong to her they were okay with that? Especially in a case like this I would think an auction house would need a little more proof than someone’s word. I guess not…they’re eyes were so big after seeing the items she was putting up for auction that they didn’t care. All they saw was the money they would make on this auction.

Now, the worst thing that can happen to a child is happening to Kobe…he has to take his mother to court. Nothing says love like suing your mother. This isn’t just throwing away some baseball cards or selling your random shit that you left behind at home when you moved away. I’m surprised that Kobe didn’t pull a Dez Bryant.

Not that my son is an athletic prodigy, but if he became an all-star in any sport I would frame his stuff, not sell it.  It’s not like Kobe has cut her off and she’s poor. I’m sure she is living just fine…better than most Americans. Pamela Bryant needs to check herself.

I’m sure Kobe will auction his stuff off after he has been retired for 5 years and is broke , but even then it’s his stuff to sell. Until then, I’m sure the court battle will make great reality TV.

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