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by Junior D on June 22, 2012 · 0 comments

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LeBron ejoying his time with the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy

It’s finally over. All of the criticism can stop, as far as I’m concerned. The Miami dominated the entire game last night and their reward was the NBA title. I know everyone will be talking about LeBron today, including me, but this title belongs to the whole team. LeBron was the backbone of this Heat team but everyone knows that he didn’t do it by himself.

It’s hard, after watching the NBA post season, to not talk about how LeBron was the catalyst behind the Miami Heat’s championship. Last night was proof of that. James played out of his mind, racking up a triple-double. If you’ve watched James at all over his career you know he can score, and he can dish the ball. He was brilliant throughout this series but last night he showed how creative he can be with players around him that know how to capitalize when they get the ball.

The comparisons have always been between LeBron and Michael Jordan. I’ve always thought that was unfair. People have been comparing players to Jordan since Harold Miner was dubbed ‘Baby Jordan.’ No one has ever come close to those comparisons. LeBron has been the closest and in some ways he has surpassed Jordan. Yeah, I said it!

Jordan will always be considered the best, and I won’t argue with that. With Jordan or any great athlete there will always be a bit of revisionist history. Jordan didn’t start winning championships until Pippen, Grant and his supporting cast got to Chicago. LeBron left Cleveland because he wasn’t certain that the Cavs would ever get him a decent

Wade and James enjoying the moment

supporting cast. Although Jordan was a better shooter than James, LeBron has a better all around game. He’s more Magic than Jordan. When we think of great players in any sport there’s almost a ‘he never lost’ attitude. Jordan didn’t always play well, he took too many shots, he didn’t pass the ball enough, etc. Joe Montana, although arguably one of the best, didn’t always play great. When people look back on their careers they always have that ‘he never had a bad day’ tone. They all have bad days, even the great ones, so let’s stop killing LeBron for one brain fart when he stated that he was taking his talents to South Beach. He did take his talents to South Beach, they did surround him with good players and they have their championship. Game. Set. Match. Suck it Cleveland….get over it.

Let’s take this game from last night for what it was and enjoy it. It was the more experienced and talented team versus the young, inexperienced, very talented team. Oklahoma City has the talent and the nucleus to come back to the finals. They were just out played by the Miami Heat. It was great to watch. With the exception of last night the first four games of this series could’ve gone either way. Last night Miami set out to prove that they were the better team and they didn’t let up from the tip to the final buzzer.

The only thing that upset me about last night was the post game trophy presentation. Of course the NBA commissioner, Eeyore Stern, had to mumble his way through the presentation. I’m pretty sure he forgot which team won and I don’t know if he even knew which city he was in. I know the commissioner of the league has to be there and award the winner with the league trophy but he is a train wreck. I’ve never seen someone so ‘meh’ about congratulating the league champs and awarding the trophy. Hey Stern, when did you stop beating your wife?

Congratulations to the entire Miami Heat organization! It was fun to watch.

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