Keep it Classy David Stern

by Junior D on June 15, 2012 · 0 comments

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David Stern, NBA Commissioner

Word to the wise for David Stern, Commissioner of the NBA, you are not cool. I know you get on these sports talk shows and you give the hosts crap but you’ll never be cool. You are and always will be an angry little man. Accept it and let’s move on. You have an NBA finals match up that has everyone talking basketball and you ruin it by turning the spotlight on yourself.

For those of you who have not heard by now, Commissioner David Stern was a guest on Jim Rome’s sports radio talk show Wednesday afternoon when things got uncomfortable. Jim Rome has been known in the past for asking hardball questions. When he had Stern on the show he did not disappoint. Everyone has been talking about the NBA fixing the draft lottery so that the New Orleans franchise, recently purchased by Saints owner  Tom Benson, would get the first pick. Rome obviously asked Stern to comment on that and Stern replied, “I have two answers for that, I’ll give you the easy one — no — and a statement: Shame on you for asking.” Fine…I’m okay with that. That’s actually a good response.

Jim Rome, Sports Radio Host

Rome then, obviously realizing that Stern was pissed, said that he didn’t necessarily believe that was the case but felt it was his job to ask because many people have accused the draft lottery of being fixed. That’s when it got weird and uncomfortable. Stern then replied, “have you stopped beating your wife yet?” REALLY?? I mean, I understand the reference but really? For those who are stuck on the actual quote, here’s a break down…to that question if you say no you admit that you still beat your wife, and if you say yes you’re implying that you have beaten your wife.  It’s a logic game, but it was a very unprofessional uppercut response to Rome’s line of questioning. He was insinuating that Rome’s line of questioning was out-of-order and that it put Stern in a no win situation answering the question. I don’t agree with that but whatever.

Rome responded with, “yeeeaahh, I don’t know if that’s fair…I don’t know if that’s fair?”

Perfect response by Rome. What the hell was he supposed to say there. Stern, in my opinion, was angry at the line of questioning because there is a great finals series going on right now between Miami and Oklahoma City and that’s what Stern wanted to talk about. It’s like the athlete or coach that gets arrested for DUI and after his next game states that he will only answer questions regarding the game. It’s a chicken shit response because they know everyone is going to ask them questions about the incident.

Stern went on to say that it’s not a fair line of questioning. He stated that he expects it to be written about but “it’s not a question that I have been asked for by a respectable journalist.” Obviously implying that Rome is not a respectable journalist.

After that whole mess, they bantered back and forth and Stern was acting like a petulant child that just woke up from a nap. He started taking shots at Rome because he had no other recourse. To Rome’s defense, he gave it right back to the Commissioner. Good for him…Stern needs to get a verbal bitch slap especially when he ended the conversation by saying, “Listen, I’ve got to go call somebody important, like Stephen A. Smith, right now. He’s up next.” I don’t condone violence but when someone acts like that they need to be taken out back and slapped around.

Hey Mr. Stern, sorry someone asked you a question that got your panties in a bunch. Everyone can’t ask nice and easy questions like the guys over at the 4 letter network. Next time you wake up from a nap before an interview put your big boy pants on and go to work. Either that or don’t do interviews and let the rest of us handle grown folks business. Pathetic!

Note: The full interview is on You Tube. Click here to hear it for yourself.

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