Junior D’s Picks: Super Bowl Edition

by Junior D on February 1, 2015

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Well, it’s that time of year again. The culmination of the NFL season is finally here. The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots are the last two teams standing and the spread on this game is 0. That’s right, it’s a pick ’em.

The Seahawks come into this game boasting their defense. Their offense can score points but they can’t get into a point war with the Patriots. If they win this game it’s going to be with their defense holding the Patriots to under 24 points. It’ a defense that has a few key players hurt going into this game. Earl Thomas will play but has a shoulder injury, Richard Sherman hurt his elbow in the Green Bay game and now Kan Chancellor hurt his knee in Friday’s practice. Those are all players in the Seahawks secondary, for those playing at home. That may not be the best news for the Seahawks or their fans going into the biggest game of the year. All three will play but no one really knows how effective they will be. Even though the Seahawks defense ranked number one overall this season these injuries could prove to be very bad, especially because they have to go against one of the best QBs in NFL history. The only way the Seahawks win tonight is by getting pressure to Tom Brady with their front four. That will be the key for the Seahawks.

As always, half of the New England Patriots showed up on the injury report. They will all play but none of the injuries look to be a factor in the Super Bowl. The Patriots, much like the Seahawks, bring in a very good defense. They are good against the run but they haven’t faced a running back like Marshawn Lynch all season. Their secondary should do very well against the Seahawks passing offense that ranked 27th in the NFL this season. With LeGarrette Blount running the ball the Patriots have a solid run game and their offensive line has played very well leading up to the Super Bowl. The Pats should be able to throw and run against the Seahawks today. Even though the Seahawks defense is better than the Patriots defense I think that the Pats offense will be able to move the ball effectively. On defense, as long as they can bottle up Marshawn Lynch and hold him to under 100 yards they should win the game easily. Unfortunately, I don’t think they be able to hold Lynch under 100, so it should be a close game that comes down to the fourth quarter.

Will the Patriots blow out the Seahawks? The short answer is no. After looking at both teams I believe that the Patriots will win this game but not by the margin I originally thought. It should be a great game tonight but the Patriots should come out on top. Since it’s a pick ’em I’ll tell you that I’m taking the Patriots to win and the score will be 31-24.

I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl tonight…I know I will.


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