Junior D’s NFL Picks: Week 9 2015

by Junior D on November 5, 2015

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Enough with the losing already! Sorry I was just talking to myself. As you can already tell, last week was not good. I went 5-9 bringing my season total to 55-61-3. These past few weeks have been tough but I’ve gotten through tougher losing streaks before. Now that I have half a season of statistics and how teams have done against the spread this year, I can make even more of an educated guess on what they are likely to do. With that being said, let’s see how those stats help me out moving forward.

Before we move on, these picks are for fun. Don’t bet your life savings and then get pissed that some person you don’t know lost all of your money. Be accountable for your actions and if you have a gambling problem, it’s your problem. ALRIGHTY, let’s get to the picks!

NFL WEEK 9 2015

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