Junior D’s NFL Picks: Week 2 2015

by Junior D on September 17, 2015

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Well, the beginning of the season has started off well. In week one I went 10-6 against the spread. Because the first part of the season is so difficult to predict, I am extremely happy with that record going into week two. There are some tough games to pick this week including the Chiefs vs Broncos and Cowboys vs Eagles. There were a ton of injuries in week one which could affect the outcome in this week’s games.  Also, moving the extra points back has influenced the spreads considering some of the kickers are having a hard time with the new spot. Either way, we’ll see how this week shakes out.

Before we move on, these picks are for fun. Don’t bet your life savings and then get pissed that some person you don’t know lost all of your money. Be accountable for your actions and if you have a gambling problem, it’s your problem. ALRIGHTY, let’s get to the picks!

WEEK 2 2015

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