Junior D’s NFL Picks: Divisional Round 2016

by Junior D on January 16, 2016

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We are deeper in the playoffs and we are only a few weeks away from the Super Bowl. In the Wild Card round I went 2-2 which brought my season total to 135-119-3. The playoffs are typically hard to predict because, in theory, anyone could win. When I look at this week’s matchups I see at least one blow out in the works and there might be two. I know the Steelers possibly have the best WR core in the league but without Antonio Brown playing against the Broncos it will be a tough game for the Steelers to win. The Cardinals should put the Packers in their place early and win by a comfortable margin. The other two games are a little tougher to predict. The Patriots should win by a decent margin but Kansas City is on a long winning streak and they could make it a close game….I still say Patriots win by 10. The Panthers and Seahawks is the game of the week though. This should be a close game all the way to the buzzer. I still think Carolina will come away with the win but this game will come down to defense. Both teams have great defense so this will be a slug-fest.

Before we move on, these picks are for fun. Don’t bet your life savings and then get pissed that some person you don’t know lost all of your money. Be accountable for your actions and if you have a gambling problem, it’s your problem. ALRIGHTY, let’s get to the picks!



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