Johnny Manziel Does it Again

by Junior D on July 1, 2014 · 0 comments

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If you listen to the podcast (which you should) or you have read anything that I’ve written on this site in the past, you would realize that I have gone back and forth on Johnny Manziel. Since so many people in the media have been slamming him no matter what he does, I decided to take a different approach. I took a step back and thought, ‘who cares.’ Who cares what this guy does off the field as long as he doesn’t get arrested, break the law or do anything too bad I am good with Johnny Headline.

His recent headline maker was talking into a stack of cash like it was a cell phone and placing the video on Instagram. Ok, so that was a douche move but I still maintained that he can do nothing right in the eyes of the media…..

After I found out the newest Manziel news I almost threw up in my mouth. The amount of ‘what the fucks’ that came out of my mouth was absolutely incredible. Johnny Rulebreaker can literally do almost anything at this point and I will give him a pass…ALMOST anything.

As I do every morning I scroll through sports news to see if there is anything I may have missed. Well, I missed the selfie that Justin Bieber posted on Instagram of him hanging out with Floyd Mayweather, Tyrese and, of course, Johnny Manziel.

I actually have a problem with all three of these guys hanging out with this little punk. Don’t they know about the curse? Everything that little bitch touches turns to crap. Bieber’s new nickname should be Mush.

Even though I still think people need to back off of Manziel, this is going a bit too far. Johnny, you are the company you keep. If you continue to hang out with young, punk, douche bags then that is what you will be known for. Do yourself a favor and hang out with Drew Brees or Peyton Manning…if they’ll even allow you to hang out with them.

I really want Manziel to work out in Cleveland for his sake and the sake of the long suffering Browns fans but DAMN! Johnny needs to stop making it so easy for people to criticize him. He just needs to lock himself in his house, study the playbook and log off of social media for the next few months. Just get to work and be as good as you can be and FOR GOD’S SAKE stay away from floating on swans, talking into stacks of cash and Justin, freakin’, Bieber.

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