Jamaal Charles Ripped For Autograph

by Junior D on November 28, 2012 · 0 comments

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Breaking News: Jamaal Charles gets Manning autograph

I couldn’t let one more day go by without giving my opinion on this whole autograph thing that everyone has their panties in a bunch about.

For those who have not heard, Kansas City Chiefs RB, Jamaal Charles and WR, Dwayne Bowe, waited for Peyton Manning after their game on Sunday to get his autograph. Yeah, that’s the whole fucking story. Not during the game or at halftime, but after the game. Charles and Bowe waited for Manning as they exited the stadium to get his autograph and a KCTV cameraman caught the whole sordid affair on video.

Since the video came out every sports talk radio show and sports analyst has discussed the situation. The majority of sports reporters are in a tizzy over this whole thing. Apparently, since there is an unwritten rule that people in the media shouldn’t ask for autographs, they are jealous and don’t want athletes to give their peers any memorabilia or autographs. What a silly thing to get upset about.

Fans have also called in to these shows sharing their disgust. I would like to thank those “fans” for coming out of the basement for a few minutes to confirm to the listening public that they are losers. Go back to asking people if they would like fries with that.

Players do this sort of thing all the time. Have you ever watched MTV Cribs?! When they show an athlete’s house there is always a room filled with sports memorabilia. Where do you think they got it from?! Did it just fall from the sky? Did they buy it on Craigslist or eBay?

You’re going to bust on Jamaal Charles for getting another player’s autograph an hour or two after the game was over? Let’s not try to hide the fact that it was PEYTON, FUCKING, MANNING! This was one great player asking a Hall of Famer for his autograph. Let’s, for a second, stop pretending that this doesn’t happen all of the time. These people in the sports media need to get a life and find something else to discuss.

Former NFL wide receiver, Chris Carter even said that he has a room filled with autographed memorabilia and pictures that he obtained while playing in the NFL. He said that he wanted that stuff as a reminder of his playing days and the great athletes he played with. Even though he lived it, he wanted some keep sakes. There’s nothing wrong with that, at all.

People in the sports media, are more times than not, little bitches that never played sports or are frustrated former high school athletes. They are jealous of professional athletes because they can do things that these guys couldn’t even dream of doing.

Step off of Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe for trying to get an autograph and a picture with one of the best quarterbacks to ever put on pads. Are you saying that you wouldn’t have done the same thing? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

One more thing…can people in the sports media be more original with their headlines? They are referring to this story as  “autograph-gate.” Can we please stop adding gate to ever perceived scandal?! It’s annoying and lazy. To everyone in the media looking for a history lesson, Watergate is an office complex in Washington, D.C. The Watergate scandal led to the resignation of President Nixon. It has nothing to do with the Patriots filming practices, Brett Favre’s penis or any other meaningless sports story that you want to attach it to. Read a fucking book.

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