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by Bryan Z. on November 15, 2012 · 0 comments

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Perhaps this is a topic that shouldn’t be written about by a 33-year old man with a beautiful wife, one awesome son and another on the way. Or, perhaps this is a topic that shouldn’t be written about at all. But hey, we‘re all red-blooded Americans. We all eat red meat. We all drive cars that are outrageously too big, and then have the nerve to complain about the cost of a tank of gas. We’re a fast food, 12 miles to the gallon, and 200 TV channels kind of society. It’s the finer things we appreciate. As long as we treat this topic with class and respect, I see no reason why we can’t address it. Please focus on the two key words in that last sentence: “class” and “respect.” You are welcome to respond to this topic; in fact, we’re hoping you do. Since we have the final say on whether or not your comment gets posted, please keep them clean and save us the trouble of deleting all the dim-witted ones.

Clearly we’re all sports fans. I’m sure the vast majority reading this site (and writing for this site) peaked athletically in high school. We never made it to college sports let alone the Pros. That doesn’t mean we don’t have eyes, and we don’t notice things. Things like beautiful woman on the sidelines…in skirts. Take the NFL for example. The next time you’re watching an NFL game, count how many times they cut to, or come back from, a commercial with a shot of the cheerleaders. I am willing to bet it’s at least a dozen times per game. If they’re going to show the girls time and time again, we’re going to talk about them. The way NFL cheerleaders dress is a very small step up from a stripper. I would never take my son to sit in the front row of an NFL game. College cheerleaders are different. They dress a little more conservatively (in the world of how cheerleaders dress), and they’re in college…so it’s not all about the looks. Right?

It’s going to take more than pretty faces to get these squads on this list. There is criteria that had to be met by each squad. These three universities, and their lovely ladies, were picked because they had all three of the key ingredients.  And what exactly were those?:


Uniforms: We weren’t looking for the stripper look. No NBA/NFL cheerleader uniforms were chosen.

Tradition: No Janie Come Lately’s allowed. These three schools have a history of “hot” cheerleaders.

The Look: We were going for the beautiful girl next door look; pretty faces, nice smiles, pearly whites.

Put your tongue back in your mouth:



This isn’t just our opinion.  If you ask any college football fan, they will tell you the same thing: the world famous “Song Girls”are an undergrads dream. They also just happen to be the hardest working cheerleading squad in college football. The white long sleeve turtlenecks also get runner-up for best uniforms.



This was a bit of a surprise. Oregon’s campus isn’t located in a place with the best weather, but unlike the football team, their uniforms look fantastic. They fill out nicely as well. This squad was a very close second. They take “the look” category but don’t take my word for it, consult your nearest search engine. Enjoy!



You gotta love those southern girls. Texas takes two out of our three categories and lands in the top spot. The brown cowgirl chaps, or any chaps for that matter, with the white vest is top notch. Then there is the whole tradition thing. Like USC, Texas cheerleaders have looked amazing for years. Oh, hot girls in cowboy hats works too!


There you have it. We kept it respectable and had a little fun. Now, if only the Big Ten would get the memo on the whole “hot” cheerleader thing!

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