Harbaugh Hated By His Players

by Junior D on March 2, 2014 · 0 comments

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If you think the reason the San Francisco 49ers have been winning on a regular basis for the past three years is their coach, Jim Harbaugh, then you are correct. Harbaugh came into the 49ers organization and took the same team that Mike Singletary coached and turned them into a Super Bowl contender over night.

Everyone said that Alex Smith was the reason they were losing. They said that Smith wasn’t good enough to be a back up in the league. They said that he was a bust. Many people said the same about Vernon Davis. Enter Jim Harbaugh. He took that same team to the NFC Championship game three years in a row and to the Super Bowl once. Oh, yeah, and he’s only been there three years.

So why is such a winner and an obvious great coach on the trade block? Apparently, since the rumor that the 49ers almost traded Harbaugh to the Cleveland Browns for a hand full of draft picks came out so have the quotes from unnamed sources in the locker room. Players aren’t happy and they couldn’t wait to tell someone in the media about it.

Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle has reported that “face of the 49ers” type players in the locker room are not too pleased with Harbaugh’s act. One source told Killion, “If Jim and Trent [Baalke] have a beer together, it’s not going to make Kap throw the ball 4 inches higher.” The source was obviously referring to the final play of the NFC Championship game last season against the Seahawks.

Here’s where I get confused. I know I get confused easily but I have so many questions that need answered. Aren’t they winning? Why are these players speaking out? What, exactly is Harbaugh doing to get your jock strap in a bunch? Did he yell at you in front of other players? If you’re going to take hurt feelings in the locker room out into the media, why won’t you attach your name to your statement?

Some players may not like the way Harbaugh goes about his business but I will say that IT’S WORKING. I used to think that winning solved many problems within an organization but I guess I was wrong. I’m sorry if your coach is a douche bag…maybe you should take that up with him instead of airing your dirty laundry in the media. By the way, when that coach gets you a Super Bowl ring you should get down on your knees and kiss his $8 Khakis.

I’m sorry if I don’t feel bad for players that not only make a boat load of money but are on a winning team. It could be worse; you could be playing for a “players coach” and finishing 4-12 every year. Would that be better for you, Mr. Unnamed Source? Why don’t you call some of your buddies around the league and see if they’ll switch spots with you? I’m sure guys like Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson would love to play for a douche bag coach if it meant winning a Super Bowl or at least having the opportunity to win one.

The 49ers new mantra should be, WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN US…..apparently many more teams than we suspected. That won’t fit on a shirt though.

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