Get Over It…LeBron is Kinda Good

by Junior D on May 24, 2013 · 0 comments

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We all have memories growing up and watching some of the best athletes play. I wasn’t a fan of the Cowboys, Falcons or 49ers but I sure loved to watch Deion Sanders play on Sundays. I remember watching him do things so effortlessly (except tackle). Even though people didn’t like him because of his swagger, loud mouth and dancing, they all knew they were watching the greatest corner back of all time.

So what the hell is everyone’s problem with LeBron James? If you’re about to tell me about “the decision,” then you need to get a life. Did I agree with his decision to televise his choice of teams when he left Cleveland? No. He took a ton of heat (no pun intended) for that back then but there are many people who still bring it up…LET IT GO!

After the decision there were questions about his heart, effort and anything was fair game. People said he quit against the Celtics when he was with the Cavs. Some said he wasn’t “clutch” and was more content with giving someone else a shot at the buzzer. They said he didn’t have that killer instinct like Jordan or Kobe. Those comments still hang around even though the decision happened almost three years ago!

LeBron can’t do anything right anymore. If he dishes the ball for someone else at the buzzer people don’t say “wow, that LeBron, he sure is unselfish” they instead call him soft and afraid to take the last shot. When he takes in to the hole and hits a game winner in the Conference Final’s opening game people ripped him because he didn’t celebrate more and give his teammates ‘high fives.’ If he did celebrate after the shot people would have called him an arrogant asshole that celebrates after a game one win like they just won the Championship. He can’t win in the court of public opinion.

Even if you just don’t like LeBron James, can’t you sit back and marvel at what a great basketball player he is? When all is said and done, LeBron might be the best basketball player of all time yet people still come out of the woodwork to rip this guy.

I’m not saying that LeBron is perfect. What I am saying is that Jordan punched guys in practice; he was selfish and had a horrible gambling problem. Kobe likes to bully teammates, coaches and upper management. He has also been known to get dirty in Colorado, cheat on his wife and not give up the rock when he’s on the court. Don’t get me wrong, Kobe and Jordan are both incredible athletes and basketball players but they are majorly flawed. Some would say that they are vastly more flawed than LeBron.

I just don’t understand why people have such revisionist history when they speak of Jordan or even Kobe but they can’t see that LeBron just had a triple double and hit the game winning shot at the buzzer. Maybe he didn’t celebrate afterwards because he knows its game one and they need three more wins to advance. Maybe he was just relieved because he knew that they won a game in OT even though, as a team, they didn’t play well.

I don’t know what you’ll be doing for the rest of the NBA Playoffs but I’ll be watching one of the greatest basketball players of all time win his second NBA Title in a row. I might even get to watch him get revenge on a Spurs team that swept him in the finals while he was in Cleveland. So, while many fans, reporters and experts pick apart every single flaw on the supermodel, I’ll be enjoying the fact that I’m watching history.

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