Former NFL Players Want to Kick Justin Bieber’s Ass

by Junior D on May 29, 2013 · 0 comments

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I originally wasn’t going to write about this but it’s too funny not to mention…I don’t even need to insert jokes; they’re in the story already.

On Sunday night, like most spoiled rich kids do, the teen-pop douche bag that we all know as Justin Bieber took his Ferrari out for a spin in his gated community in Calabasas. The only problem was that, according to former WR Keyshawn Johnson, Bieber was driving at “breakneck speeds.” According to reports both Johnson and another neighbor called the police to report Bieber.

Like any father and concerned citizen, Johnson took off after Bieber in his Prius. Yeah, you read that right, Keyshawn Johnson drives a Prius. He drove to Bieber’s house up the street and began to knock (or pound) on his door but Bieber refused to come out to speak to the irate Keyshawn.

I would have loved to see that confrontation. Keyshawn Johnson is 40 years old and is 6’4”. Justin Bieber is 19 years old and is 5’7”. Johnson would have been in the news for assault if that little shit opened the door.

This just gives me another reason to hate Bieber. His fans are delusional, his music is garbage and he is like every other 19 year old punk. The only differences between kids in my neighborhood and Bieber is that the kids in my neighborhood drive their Ford Focus’ like assholes and aren’t rich.

The best part about the story is that former Colts and Rams RB, Eric Dickerson, has jumped into the fray with a couple tweets aimed at Bieber.


I really don’t have anything else other than I wanted everyone to read this. I know this isn’t a “sports” story but any time a pop star is confronted by an NFL player it will always make its way to the site. The only sad part to this story is that Keyshawn didn’t bust Bieber’s head wide open on his front porch.

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