February Hang Over

by Bryan Z. on March 1, 2013 · 0 comments

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Today is March 1st, which means February is officially behind us. Although it’s the shortest month of the year, if you’re a sports fan, February feels like an eternity. The world of sports literally comes to a screeching halt. Even with the best efforts of the NFL to bleed its season into a month that has next to no sports activity, it still takes three Dramamine and a bottle of good scotch to get through those 28, sometimes 29 days.  At last, spring is springing. With March comes great sports drama and a clear path to bigger and better things. If you survived the curse of February, your reward is a rich one. There is the obvious reward; better weather, shorts and putting away the snow shovel. Then there are the rewards that true-blue sports fans hold ‘oh so dear.’ It’s time to shake off the February hang-over and re-enter the fan community. It’s time to practice your best calling in sick voice and put that saved vacation time to good use. I give you your reward for braving the worse sports month of the year. I give you the gift of spring…

The NCAA Tournament:

If you work for a living, chances are good you’ve seen a NCAA bracket or two floating around your office. March Madness is the unofficial end of winter and the start of a new sports year. If you’re like me, you do not watch a single minute of college basketball until this tournament starts. Am I a fair-weather college basketball fan? Hell yes. Am I also a die-hard tournament fan? Once again, hell yes. The first two days of the NCAA tournament are among the best in sports. Bracket or no bracket, college basketball fever sweeps the nation faster than awful Japanese entertainers with bad dance moves.

The Masters:

The best four days of the golf season. I have often wondered why the PGA Tour feels the need to play its Super Bowl at the beginning of the season. That wonderment ends shortly after the real Super Bowl does and I am faced with the cold, hard truth of February. The Masters rarely disappoints. Whether its Tiger Woods running away and hiding from the field or five different champions in the past five years, The Masters is the only golf tournament I watch from start to finish. Well, if you don’t count the other three majors of course.

Opening Day:

Major League Baseball’s opening day. For baseball geeks, this day is better than Christmas. Work attendance drops, fathers pull their kids out of school and the poor suckers that are stuck at work watch games online at their desk. I, personally, do not understand it. All this excitement for a season that ended five months ago? If you count pitchers and catchers reporting to spring practice, the off-season lasts a total of four months. Most teams never make any significant changes to their roster in the off-season, so the basically pick up where they left off in last place. Or maybe I am just being cynical. After all, I am a Cubs fan!

College Football Spring Games:

Do you know how hard-up this country is for football? Places like Columbus, Tuscaloosa and Knoxville pack stadiums with 70,000 people for a scrimmage. College football fans are like rabid dogs. It’s best to give them what they want and stay the hell out of their way. It’s the first chance that the fans have to see the replacements for the departed seniors and players that left early for the draft. Believe me, fans have been in deep discussion for months, and they have already penciled in their own in-depth charts. If the players do not live up to fans’ expectations, the sky starts to fall. Time flies when you’re worried about winning national titles in April.

The NFL Draft:

The only thing bigger in this country than the Super Bowl is the NFL Draft. The NFL is a well-oiled machine, and it’s slowly taking over the world. But honestly, who watches every round of the draft? What kind of loser can devote three days and hours of television to players he’s never heard of, most of who will be a complete bust, and drafted by teams he has no interest in? Well, hmmmm….this guy! I am a draft junky. Half the battle of defeating a problem is admitting you have one. Well I have one, and I am still a lost cause. Grab the chicken wings and beer and bring on Mel Kiper’s hair. I’m ready!

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