Draft Strategies and Tips

by PAKISTANI STEVE on August 21, 2013 · 0 comments

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When it comes to drafting fantasy football teams there are many directions you can go. You can be the person who studies stats and numbers or you can be the one who aims for certain players and fills in the other roster spots with whatever comes your way. You can also just show up and take whomever you want whenever you want. Whichever way you decide to draft there has to be a level of confidence and knowing it’s not going to go your way every round and when that happens you have to stay level headed and make a quick but smart decision.

With this year’s draft there are many ways to go in the first few rounds. The overwhelming theme I keep hearing is to take a RB early because there are only a few true number 1 backs and I do agree with that statement. There are only a few to go around (there are 8 RBs averaging in the top ten). So what if you aren’t lucky enough to get a top tier RB? Don’t worry; there are many routes you can go. Here are a few tips/ideas:

  • You can try to land a top tier QB, BUT BEWARE THERE ARE REALLY ONLY 3-4 TOP QB’S WORTHY OF A PICK IN THE FIRST 2 ROUNDS so don’t overreach. Only 3 QB’s are averaging in the top 2 rounds (Rodgers ,Brees, and Manning).
  • There is always a top WR. Not a bad way to go either. A big time WR can be a game changer as Megatron proved last year. But make sure it’s a top tier WR. Only Megatron is averaging in the top 10 and only 2 averaging in the 2nd round (A.J Green and Dez Bryant with Brandon Marshall and Julio Jones around 21-23).
  • Wait on TE’s. Only Jimmy Graham is averaging in the first 3 rounds (late 3rd) then the next TE is Gronk mid 5th and Gonzalez late 5th/ early 6th. The point is you can get a good TE if you wait…unless you really want Graham.
  • Wait on DEF and Kickers. That’s all I need to say.

Other tips I would offer: 1) watch your players bye weeks. You could end up with all your players having byes the same week or 2 and leave you really shorthanded. Some people I have talked to really don’t care about byes and view it as a real bye week for themselves and take a loss. I guess it’s really up to what you care for. I personally don’t like to give a win to anyone! 2) Another useful tip is to watch owners’ rosters that pick after you (in between your picks). You might be able to steal a player they want or need. If the owner behind me needs a RB, and I have two, I will still take the best RB as my flex so his team is weak on RB and it can mess with his head causing a bad pick. 3) A big tool that helps is to do a couple of real drafts on junk teams, as I call them, to get comfortable. These are drafts just to get an idea of who will be available and when. I do some of these so I can see if a certain player is dropping or going early. You can look at those draft results while doing your real draft to see any changes or tendencies. 4) My final piece of advice and the most important……..is to have fun!!!! Talk shit during the draft!!! Call people out on bad picks!!! Just have fun!!!!

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