Dolphins Owner, Stephen Ross, is a Clown

by Junior D on January 24, 2014 · 0 comments

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After writing about the Cleveland Browns dysfunction and the coaching candidates passing up the opportunity to be the next Browns head coach, two things happened. First, the Browns hired Mike Pettine, the Buffalo Bills Defensive Coordinator, as their new head coach. Second, I got slammed by many for being too hard on the Browns when my favorite team (the Dolphins) are in a similar situation. Well, here is my look at the dysfunctional Miami Dolphins.

The one thing the Dolphins have that the Browns don’t is a Quarterback and two Wide Receivers. That’s about it. Their head coach, Joe Philbin, retained his job after taking the Dolphins to an 8-8 record amidst many off and on the field issues this season. Before the last two games of the season (before they tanked to the two worst teams in the NFL) many were considering Philbin as a coach of the year candidate.

With all the positives out of the way, owner Stephen Ross has done nothing but fumble around with this franchise. Ross, who has more experience as an NFL owner than Haslam of the Browns is also a first time owner but that is no excuse. He has five years under his belt as the Dolphins owner and has still managed to make his franchise a joke.

During his tenure the Dolphins have made the news for less than flattering situations. Their former GM, Jeff Ireland has missed on many drafts, he asked Dez Bryant during his interview before the draft if his mother was a prostitute, called a fan an asshole, told Vontae Davis that he was traded and Vontae could ‘call grandma later.’ Although the last one was funny, the first two (and the “bullying” scandal) eventually led to his dismissal.

Since then, the Dolphins have hired a new offensive coordinator and with their coaching staff in place they set their sights on a general manager. They interviewed plenty of candidates and were taking their sweet time to choose their next front office leader. Rumor has it that candidates were not pleased with Ross during the interview process as he was despondent, checking emails on his phone and apparently continued to call one candidate by the wrong first name (even though everyone else in the room called him by the correct name).

During this very important GM search Ross decided that it was time to leave the country instead of making a choice. He wanted to fly to London and China for some reason. This also soured candidates on taking the Dolphins job. Ray Farmer, the Browns assistant GM, has reportedly pulled his name out of the GM race in Miami due to many of the reasons I’ve already stated.

Even though the Dolphins have many pieces in place on the field, the front office continues to be an absolute disaster. Aaron Hernandez has less of a PR problem than the Dolphins do right now.

There are many teams that have bad owners in the NFL. The Dolphins are one of the many but they always seem to make headlines for their gaffes. There are many similarities between the Dolphins and the Browns these days and bad owners is one of them. I will say that, as a Dolphins fan, if this trend continues I may seriously consider a divorce. A clean break to start from scratch and choose another team that I know will try to win me over by putting a great product on the field every year.

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