Does Twitter Benefit Sports?

by Junior D on August 1, 2012 · 0 comments

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With the media covering the outrage on Twitter over NBC tape delaying the Olympics I started to look through everyone I follow to really see the true benefit of Twitter in sports. I found that there is almost no benefit whatsoever.

Most of the people making noise about the tape delayed Olympics on Twitter are irrelevant. They are also in the minority. If you are a fan and love to watch the Olympics its about the pageantry and the events themselves. It’s about athletes doing things that only a handful of people on earth can do. If you’re watching you don’t really care if it’s a tape delay or not. It’s obvious in the ratings. NBC is up by double digits in every time slot that they have Olympic coverage. It’s obvious to me that most people could care less about spoilers.

Social media has many great attributes but the Olympics story is not one of them. It’s not just limited to people screaming about the Olympics either. Sports reporters use their Twitter accounts like a rumor mill. Everyone is trying to get the story out first without caring if the story is right. It’s all about what they heard. They don’t want to get scooped by someone else so they slap it on Twitter first. If they’re right they celebrate that they are kings of sports reporting. If they’re wrong, they pretend like it never happened.

Now to the athletes…if there is one group of people who shouldn’t have Twitter, it’s athletes. We’ve seen racist comments from athletes participating in the Olympics and overall dumb tweets from just about every athlete. I’ve seen them use Twitter to talk trash and get into Twitter fights…that’s like watching five-year olds fight. It’s humorous though.

The problem with Twitter and social media, in general, is the seriousness. People take themselves too seriously. They need more laughter in their lives. I realized that it’s not just friends on Facebook that write about their trials and tribulations, celebrities and athletes do it too. I make fun of my friends that get too serious on Facebook because I use it strictly for fun and to make funny and absurd comments and observations. That’s what social media is there for.

I think that if everyone took a step back and really read what they wrote on a daily basis they would be embarrassed. From reporters slapping rumors on Twitter to athletes starting Twitter wars. It’s funny as someone on the outside looking in but if I owned a franchise I don’t know how funny I would think it was.

I don’t think that Twitter or social media helps or hurts sports. Like most new technology, I think it’s just background noise to kill the boredom. I do believe that most people who work within the sports industry need to step away from Twitter for a while though. I think Twitter serves as one gigantic spoiler alert for anything that you’re interested in. If you haven’t seen your favorite movie, the Olympic event, the football game, etc. don’t go to Twitter. Give yourself a Twitter ban until you watch.

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