Cleveland Browns, Wait Until Next Year…This Time It’s for Real

by PAKISTANI STEVE on September 26, 2013 · 0 comments

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The world is ending!!! The world is ending!!! The world is ending!!! Calm down Browns fans the world is fine. The only thing ending is the Browns chances of a winning season. Yes this past week the Browns did indeed trade their top draft pick from a few seasons ago for a first round pick, and yes it was the biggest news in the NFL last Wednesday. It was the biggest trade in the league in a decade or so and from day one I couldn’t believe the Browns pulled the trigger on this trade. What a dumb move!! You just gave up on a top RB in this league! I started to feel angry and cheated (Just for clarity I’ve been a Browns fan since birth). I started wondering  if Art Modell had another big fuck you in his will for Cleveland, or if the owner had some sick idea about moving the team to LA if the Browns attendance was bad enough( similar to the Major League movie or its shitty 8 sequels…wouldn’t that be ironic?). So I did what any smart Browns fan from the last decade has always done when in doubt…I got shitfaced!!! While I worked on achieving that goal I started to read fan reactions and comments and it was basically all the same…cheated, fraud, throwing away the season, quitters, screwed again, typical mistake by the lake move, etc. Then I started hearing that the trade was done so we could land a top QB in the next draft via the extra first round pick we received. Then I had my epiphany…I was shitfaced. It wasn’t until the next morning (or afternoon) that I realized the truth….


I knew I was going to catch shit for saying it out loud so I did the smartest thing I could to test this theory and went to FB and posted that I loved the trade to see the response and it was bad! The first response was an ex I hadn’t talked to in a while asking if I was being sarcastic…then getting mad when she figured out I was serious.  The next was Zig saying I shouldn’t drink during the day….enter the alcohol (thanks for the idea Zig). Then I started getting calls and texts from friends/co-workers trying to argue and I realized I was the only one on this island and that I had to prove my points with facts. The more I argued the more I realized there were more pros then cons. Here are the real facts:

  • Richardson was going nowhere with this team. He was over hyped, over drafted and was never going to be the next Jim Brown (basically said by Jim Brown from day one). Richardson was average to slightly above average so far and that was his ceiling with the Browns.
  • Way too injury prone! He was an injury or two away from making a run at Braxton Miller. Yes they were minor injuries but a lot of minor injuries usually lead to a big injury or a lot of missed games.
  • Odds are he wouldn’t have re-signed with the Browns…they’re just not that lucky (see LeBron).
  • Richardson’s 3.who cares yard per carry average is easily replaceable, especially for a first round pick. Most free agents can almost achieve that. Hence the fact why they are free agents.
  • The extra first round pick almost ensures we can get the QB we want in next year’s draft. QB’s are the most valuable piece you can have in the NFL lately. Look at what the Colts did with Luck. From first pick to the playoffs. So on pure value trading, TRich for a QB of the future is a no brainer. Unless you drink more than I do and think Weeden is the answer or Hoyer’s one game performance is the future.
  • Running backs are no longer the cornerstone of teams. They are a secondary piece. Why do you think the Colts wanted him? They have their QB. Teams with a strong RB and no QB don’t go far (see the Vikings).
  • Yes, this season is basically over but at least the fans know it in week 3 instead of weeks 8-10 for a change. If the Browns don’t screw up and win too many games they won’t have to use the extra pick to trade up and they can get another good player. I’m not saying we should aim to lose but if any franchise deserves the benefit it’s Cleveland.
  • McGahee will be serviceable (around 3.whatever a carry) when he gets caught up with the playbook. He’ll be replaceable next year.
  • The Browns have 5 picks (maybe 6) in the in the top 100 in the next draft and 10 overall. Most of those picks will go to the offense. That’s how you rebuild. I have complete faith that they will completely change this offensive unit by next year. Look at what they did with this defense in one off-season. The Browns defense is playing like a top tier unit in the front seven and are pretty good in the secondary but their weakness is that they’re on the field too much.

The Browns will be better off without Richardson in the long run but the path to next year’s draft will be rough….a path all Browns fans are way too familiar with but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Just do what you have done for years and have faith in the future and don’t get discouraged or overreact and you will be surprised by the results from the Browns next season. Possible playoff team!!! I’m calling it now.

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