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Local Radio Host, Scott Torgerson, Unfairly Suspended

by Junior D October 23, 2012

Another rant from me…this time about local story that has caught fire. It’s going to be a long one because I am extremely passionate about this. Now most of you know that I live in Columbus, OH and listen to many hours of sports radio every day. The local sports radio station is 97.1FM, The […]

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Why Does Everyone Still Love Lance Armstrong?

by Junior D October 18, 2012

Since the first time everyone heard of Lance Armstrong and his comeback story from cancer, we all fell in love with him. Everyone bought all of his yellow Live Strong merchandise and his story of perseverance. Since then, we have found out something that we already should have known…he cheated and so did everyone else […]

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Local Media and Fans Need To Chill Out

by Junior D October 11, 2012
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I know that local sports radio hosts around the country are trying to find enough topics to fill their 3 or 4 hour shows but they need to settle down with some of their conspiracy theories and rhetoric. Local media hacks are not the only ones that fall into this black hole of conspiracy, fans […]

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Thomas DeCoud Plays “Meow” Game During Interview

by Junior D October 1, 2012

How many times have you seen the movie ‘Super Troopers?’ If you’ve never seen it you may not find this as funny as I did when I first stumbled onto this video on YouTube. During a phone interview with SportsCenter on ESPN, Atlanta Falcons Defensive Back, Thomas DeCoud, decided to have some fun and play […]

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Random Acts of Douchebaggery

by Junior D September 23, 2012

I love sports so much. I love almost everything about sports. Being able to hang out with friends and family to watch a game is great. Rooting for your team as they pull out that last second win and even the butterflies before a big game is fantastic. What is becoming less attractive about sports […]

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Chris Kluwe Destroys Maryland State Delegate, Emmett Burns, in Open Letter

by Junior D September 21, 2012

For those who have not heard the full story, I will sum it up for you. Maryland State Delegate, Emmett C. Burns Jr., decided that he was so upset that Baltimore Ravens Linebacker, Brendon Ayanbadejo, came out in support of gay marriage that he wrote a letter to the Ravens owner voicing his displeasure with Ayanbadejo. […]

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Jeff Ireland Calls Fan An Asshole

by Junior D September 19, 2012

If you know me, I haven’t been one to support many of Jeff Ireland’s personnel decisions, trades, draft picks, etc. I will take a firm stance and support Ireland in this instance. During halftime of the Dolphins game this weekend Jeff Ireland left his suite for some reason and wandered into the stadium amongst the […]

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NFL Season Opener and Broken Dick Commercials!

by Junior D September 6, 2012

The NFL opened its season with an NFC East rivalry. The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants seemed to be a great game game to kickoff the NFL regular season but the first half proved to be anything but great. I know that Met Life Stadium, formerly Giants Stadium, can get extremely loud, especially when […]

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Golden Domers Unite!

by Junior D August 31, 2012

With the college football season officially starting there have been a few stories that have grabbed my attention. The comments made by Allen Pinkett, former Irish running back, about Notre Dame needing to bring in “bad citizens” to make it’s football program better really hit me. What jumped out to me wasn’t the comment by […]

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Does Twitter Benefit Sports?

by Junior D August 1, 2012

With the media covering the outrage on Twitter over NBC tape delaying the Olympics I started to look through everyone I follow to really see the true benefit of Twitter in sports. I found that there is almost no benefit whatsoever. Most of the people making noise about the tape delayed Olympics on Twitter are […]

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