Get Over It…LeBron is Kinda Good

by Junior D May 24, 2013
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We all have memories growing up and watching some of the best athletes play. I wasn’t a fan of the Cowboys, Falcons or 49ers but I sure loved to watch Deion Sanders play on Sundays. I remember watching him do things so effortlessly (except tackle). Even though people didn’t like him because of his swagger, […]

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Kobe Bryant Taking His Mom to Court

by Junior D May 5, 2013
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I’ve heard stories of my friend’s parents throwing away their football cards that they collected as children or selling their stuff at garage sales. What I haven’t heard, until now, is a superstar basketball player’s parents selling his memorabilia at an auction house. Pamela Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s mother, has decided to take his old high […]

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What’s the Difference Between Us

by Mike Rudd May 2, 2013
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I think Dre, Eminem, and Xzibit said it best in their rap song when they said how about “Five bank accounts and three vehicles.” (Video)  I certainly can’t compete with that and don’t have anything in common with them. The same goes for the difference between the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics.  They […]

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An Even Madder March

by Bryan Z. March 22, 2013
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March Madness is upon us. Whether you’re a college basketball fan or not: I’m sure we all can agree that the next three weeks of the season are among the best in sports. Everyone from housewives to Fortune 500 Company CEOs spend hours pouring over brackets and penciling in their final four. It’s talked about […]

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Stay Classy, Mr. Cuban

by Bryan Z. March 21, 2013
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People say money can’t buy happiness. If you’re Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban, truer words have never been spoken. Billionaires by their very nature are eccentric. They didn’t gain their massive fortune by being nice or all together pleasant to be around. They’re ruthless, surly businessmen with lofty goals for themselves and the people they […]

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No Comparison: Michael Jordan is the Greatest

by Junior D February 16, 2013
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Looking back on the days when I truly loved the NBA, all I can think about is Michael Jordan. MJ transcended the game of basketball. The name on the back of his jersey was truly bigger and brighter than the name on the front. Over the past week or so I have listened to sports […]

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Trending in Vegas: When to Buck the Trend

by Kras November 28, 2012
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Occasionally you have to throw out some recent trends.  I see no better time to do this than tonight’s game between Ohio State and Duke.  Unbelievably, the Blue Devils are 3-13 ATS in their last 16 home games and they are 0-3 ATS in their last 3 games in their Big Ten/ACC challenge games. Ohio State, […]

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Mark Cuban Verbally Bitch Slaps Skip Bayless

by Junior D June 24, 2012

There is no one more pompous and arrogant in the sports media than Skip Bayless. There is no owner that is more willing to take people to task and look at things from every angle than Mark Cuban. When these two met on the set of ESPN’s First Take on Friday, Mark Cuban took Skip […]

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Kiss My Ring!

by Junior D June 22, 2012

It’s finally over. All of the criticism can stop, as far as I’m concerned. The Miami dominated the entire game last night and their reward was the NBA title. I know everyone will be talking about LeBron today, including me, but this title belongs to the whole team. LeBron was the backbone of this Heat […]

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NBA Finals Are Over…Almost

by Junior D June 20, 2012

There might only be a few of us in Ohio but I will be rooting for the Miami Heat to take game 5 in the NBA Finals. The Thunder lost another close game last night and are down 3-1. I don’t think that they’ll be able to pull this one out. I will say that […]

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