Bring Steroids Back To Baseball

by Junior D on August 7, 2012 · 0 comments

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How boring has baseball become since the government stepped in and put the brakes on steroids? Forget the Hall of Fame arguments, they fall on deaf ears on this site. Most of the players in Cooperstown were on amphetamines while they played. That isn’t speculation, that’s a fact. If you don’t think that speed gives you an advantage then try to catch someone who just stole a purse while hopped up on speed. You can’t do it.

Even though I am a Yankees fan, you can stop with your ‘Babe Ruth never used steroids’ argument too. Yeah, he didn’t use steroids but he also didn’t play 162 games, he didn’t have to travel across the country to play and he didn’t play night games. Let’s try to see if that fat ass could’ve hit as many home runs doing that. He may have had to take a break from crushing hot dogs, beer and cigars and mix in a trip to the gym.

C’mon…don’t you remember the home run race between Sosa and McGuire? What a great time for baseball. Let’s face it, chicks aren’t the only ones that dig the long ball, we all do. No one wants to see a 2-0 score. No one wants to see a pitching duel. Who ever says they love to see a great defensive battle in any sport is either 70 years old or they’re lying to you.

The NBA has taken this high scoring thing a little too far by playing no defense whatsoever, but they are on the right track. The NFL says they have changed rules for players safety but the fact that their rule changes have resulted in more points scored is no coincidence.

If baseball doesn’t allow steroids, HGH or other performance enhancers there will be no reason for kids to watch the game. They’ll turn the channel and watch football or basketball. I know allowing performance enhancing drugs into baseball isn’t going to happen but can we all agree that baseball needs some rule changes? How about actually having to step on the bag to consider a player out? The fact that a second baseman can turn a double play by having his foot within two feet of second base makes me sick. Have that guy slide into second and see how many of those second baseman still try to turn that double play if his foot has to actually touch the bag.

Baseball needs something to help itself. I say that they need to trim the list of banned substances down and let these hitters go yard every game. It doesn’t matter what they ban; there is still some scientist out there that will create another performance enhancer that is undetectable. If you want your star players to play longer and not get injured as much then let them use performance enhancers without penalties. If I’m going to take my family to an MLB game and spend $300 on tickets, parking and food you better give me a better product than this. I want higher scoring and more home runs.

The baseball purists don’t want the rules to change. If they don’t allow PEDs and they don’t change some of the rules then the only people watching baseball in 10 years will be the purists. Hope you enjoy your game with 5,000 fans in the stands. You know your sport is losing fans when the youth of today is wanting to play soccer instead, because there’s more action in soccer.

Note to Major League Baseball…do something to make your sport more exciting. If you want to allow PEDs then I’m for it. If you want to change some rules, then I’m for that too. Whatever you do, don’t just sit on your hands.

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