Bret Bielema

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BielemaBret Bielema

Born:  January 13, 1970

Full Name:  Bret Arnold Bielema

College:  The University of Iowa

Head Coach:  University of Wisconsin (2006-2012) & University of Arkansas (2012 – present)  

Induction: If you come to our site or listen to our podcast often, you know we place Bret in the highest douche bag regard. Calling him a whiney bitch would be an insult to drunken 19-year old sorority girls everywhere. Bielema isn’t happy unless he is crying about something. He isn’t man enough (or coach enough) to fight his own battles on the field, so he uses the media to push his uninformed and biased agenda. From crying about other coaches “stealing” his recruits to using the recent tragic passing of a college football player for personal gain, Bret has demonstrated time and again that he is completely clueless. The crown jewel of his dumbassery was leaving the soft Big Ten to coach in a conference where they fire three million dollar head coaches every year. And how did his first season in the SEC go? An impressive 3-9, with a 0-9 mark in SEC play. On behalf of the JDS crew, I would like to welcome Bret Bielema to our Junior D Sports Douche Hall of Fame. Congrats, you simpleton. I can promise you that when your career is over, this is the only Hall of Fame that will have you!

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