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NBA Awards Season

by Jake Burns April 26, 2016
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All-NBA   The year of the Warriors continues. Steph earns one of the guard spots….obviously. The 4th best PER season of all time was something special to watch. Countless jaw-dropping moments that make you question NBA logic like few other players have done: transcendent in every way. Speaking of special guards, Chris Paul put together […]

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NBA Awards Ballot

by Jake Burns April 14, 2016
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My writing on this NBA season has been about as consistent as an Andre Drummond free throw. Life happens, and unfortunately writing isn’t my full-time job…yet. This year provided as many locks for awards as I’ve seen in some time. Virtuoso performances that defied logic, young stars taking the next step, and familiar faces make […]

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The Impact of a Healthy Kyrie Irving

by Jake Burns January 13, 2016
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As it currently stands the Cleveland Cavaliers are clearly the best team competing in the East. I mean, it’s obvious right? Although their 27-9 record only places them 4.5 games ahead of Toronto and Atlanta, none of the other top contending teams — including Indiana, Chicago and Miami — pose a serious threat. One of […]

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Are We Officially in the Steph Curry Era

by Jake Burns December 14, 2015
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It’s no secret the NBA is a player’s league. The modern owner concerns himself with player happiness over all else – even the wishes of their head coach. It’s a league run by players, and has been since the television prowess of the 1980’s led to the shift in popularity from team to player. It […]

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