Armstrong Shows His True Colors

by Junior D on January 20, 2013 · 0 comments

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lance armstrongWith so many stories floating around in the sports world, it’s great to be writing and running a sports website. I have covered Lance Armstrong in the past and have received many hate emails and comments about my perception of him. I have never discounted the amount of money and awareness that Armstrong has brought and the inspiration, although fraudulent, that Armstrong has given so many people.

With that being said, Lance Armstrong, in his “Oprah confession” proved that he is a callous, egotistical, sociopath. I don’t really care about cycling. I don’t care about performance enhancing drugs. I don’t care about trying to gain an edge in any sport. What I tend to care more about is the denial and subsequent apologies that athletes give on a somewhat consistent basis.

What concerns me about Armstrong is the human collateral damage he left in his wake. If he cheated and got away with it, great. If he got caught, great. That doesn’t matter to me as much as the constant grandstanding he did throughout his career and after his career was over.

There have been too many people to name that Armstrong bullied, threatened, sued and ruined. This is what no one wanted to hear about when I’ve written about him before. I would like to think that everyone knew Armstrong used PEDs before this Oprah interview came out. I am probably wrong…there are still people who stand behind Armstrong for what he did for cancer awareness and didn’t believe he used PEDs until he admitted it the other night.

Even after his interview there are still people who will support him. What these people need to understand is how much of a piece of shit and utter scumbag that Armstrong is. Through his actions he has shown that he, single-handedly, tried to ruin the lives and careers of anyone that crossed his path and tried to expose him for the lying, cheating sack of crap he is – what a great guy!

He had his associates call, text and confront people who tried to get in his way with threats and mafia tactics. Associates left voicemails like the one left for Betsy Andreu, the wife of a former teammate Frankie Andreu. The voicemail left by an Armstrong associate included the statement that he hoped, “somebody breaks a baseball bat over your head.”

That shows the length that Armstrong would go to keep his PED use under wraps. Again, I really don’t care that Armstrong used PEDs. Most athletes use PEDs to gain an advantage over everyone else…if you’re not cheating you’re not trying.

I want people to understand that they need to look for inspiration and hope somewhere else. Athletes are not and have never been role models. Even when Charles Barkley took loads of heat for the Nike commercial stating that very sentiment, it couldn’t have been more true.

Stop looking at athletes like they’re gods. Stop holding them up as these pristine, perfect individuals that you want to be like. They are human beings, just like everyone else. They have just been blessed with superior talent and the work ethic to carry them to summit.

Nobody’s perfect, so look for hope within your family. Look for inspiration within yourself. Stop turning to these flaw-filled professional athletes that will ultimately let you down, not because they’re imperfect but because they could never live up to the image and expectations that we set for them.

Let’s keep things in perspective. If Lance Armstrong was your next door neighbor and treated people who you know the way he has treated people in the cycling world, you would never talk to him again. He wouldn’t be invited over for your cookouts and you would avoid him at all costs. Let’s not let the amount of money or awareness cloud the fact that he acted like a crime boss.

Let’s also learn from this and move on. The next time someone is painted in such a glowing picture with no blemishes, know that everyone has blemishes. Know that you shouldn’t hold people in such high regard. They’re only people…like you and me.

Great, time to move on from this. Hopefully we won’t have to talk about Lance Armstrong ever again.

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