Ahhh… More Lack of Personal Accountability

by Doug M. on June 1, 2012 · 0 comments

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Crazy sports fans ruin all healthy rivalries

Why is it that nobody seems to accept the reaction that they expect anymore? If I walked up to a guy at a bar and told him that his girlfriend was fat, I would expect him to retaliate. It certainly doesn’t make either of us right, but it is certainly simple for everyone to see that this is a likely outcome to the situation (and considering I have the physique of a 12-year-old, I am guessing I am going to wind up somewhat bloody). So… Why is it that high school and college athletes seem to be able to do equally outlandish things and then become incredibly offended by the expected response that is given to them by their target audience?

Tuley-Tillman letter burning

I am speaking of Michigan football commit Logan Tuley-Tillman tweeting a picture of himself burning an Ohio State offer. Personally, I think the rebirth of hatred in this rivalry is fantastic and I look forward to many years of people doing equally inflammatory things, but how can you get upset when you get irritated responses from the group of people whom you are trying to intentionally irritate? Just like the guy at the bar beating the holy hell out of me, the OSU fans making threats and contacting Tuley-Tillman’s mother certainly need to re-evaluate their priorities in life, but we all know that there are sports enthusiasts and then there are sports fans who are one held breath away from an anoxic brain injury… People who contact a player’s family or make personal threats are obviously the latter, but we all know that these idiots exist!

In the world of social media, everyone has access to everything you put out there. This includes the sports insane. Added points for fellow University of Michigan commit, Kyle Bosch, for coming up with this Twitter gem:

OSU fans giving @LoganTillman threats on your way to his house make a stop by mine and I’ll show you what a real death threat is #bringagun — Kyle Bosch(@KyleBoschOL79) May 30, 2012

Well played, good sir… There’s nothing like showing how much you disagree with something by doing the exact same thing in return. I’m beginning to think we need to have additional time set aside for high school athletes to teach them common sense.

I have no problem with what Tuley-Tillman did; I just have a problem with absolutely everything that followed. OSU “stuper-fans” responses

2% of fans just don’t get it

were unacceptable. Tuley-Tillman being “shocked” by the response that he was basically trying to incite, and Bosch further threatening the threateners…It all screams stupid, and I am growing quickly sick of stupid in sports and social media. Keep your mouths shut and beat the crap out of each other on the field if you are the players. If you are a fan, discuss sports with your friends and use it as an escape from your stressful life… And, for the love of God (this goes for everyone) think about what you are posting to the entire world on social media, and don’t be surprised when people respond anywhere in the spectrum of human behavior.

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