2014 Off Season Football Survival Guide

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Okay, football season is over, the weather has been less than favorable (at least in the northeast) and everyone is depressed. Don’t jump out of a window just yet. I know you are already looking for your college and NFL football fix but I’m here to help. Here is your 2014 off season football survival guide. If you’re a fan of Major League Baseball, then you’re all set. You don’t need me. Put your baseball cap on and strap in because the football off season is already scheduled for you. Have fun!

For the rest of you, pay attention because this could save your life, marriage and everything else that you love.

This is actually the best time of the year for teams that have no hope of making it to the Super Bowl, let alone the playoffs. If your team sucked last year or even the last ten years, this is the time of year when you can watch the NFL Combine and listen to all of the draft experts to figure out who your team will grab in the 2014 draft. The off season is the time of wishful thinking and hope that your team will turn everything around.

If you’re like me you’re trying to figure out who your team needs to sign before free agency starts, who they need to pick up in free agency and who they will draft to fill holes on that horrible team from last season.

The scouting combine (also known as the Underwear Olympics) starts up on February 19th. If you’re not a degenerate like me, who watches every position at the combine, you can check in to any one of the major networks to get a recap on who the standouts are this year.

NFL Free Agency begins on March 11th…the first few days are always the best. You can see if your horrible team or your rival overpaid for free agents that hit the market and what holes have been filled on the team you invest so much of your time and energy.

Right after free agency the NCAA March Madness tournament starts, which always takes our attention away from football if only for a couple of weeks. Fill out your brackets and hope that this year will be different. Maybe you’ll actually win.

In April you’re kind of screwed…no NFL programming to speak of. If you need a fix I’m sure the NFL Network has some replays of games from 2013 that can tide you over. If not, there’s always the NBA…I am not trying to push the NBA but over the past few years I have tuned in once the football season finished and I haven’t been let down. The NBA is the way to go for me. If you don’t have a favorite team, pick one or pick your favorite player so that you have something to cheer for.

May is when we turn the corner. The NFL Draft opens on May 8th. Get your beer, pizza and wings ready. If your team decides to waste their draft picks by reaching for players that have no business being drafted, at least you have beer, pizza and wings. After the draft there’s only 2 months before the pre season starts.

To fill the June and July timeframe we have the 2014 FIFA World Cup. I know that most of you don’t like soccer but everyone I talk to watches the World Cup. Good news…the 2014 World Cup begins in June. With no NFL during the month of June you can watch some World Cup action and hope that the US Men’s National Team doesn’t lay an egg and get bounced in the first round. If they make it past the Group Stage then you’ll have something to cheer for.

The World Cup takes us into the middle of July and now we’re only talking about a few more weeks until the NFL pre season begins. Take a much needed vacation for a week or two and when you get back NFL and College football will be within reach.

One more thing that will give you some much needed laughter and the sports fix you so desperately look for…listen to the Junior D Sports Podcast! We’ll give you your weekly fill of sports news and humor that will get you through your week!

There you have it! There is your off season football survival guide! You’re welcome.

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